Smashing Boudoir Photo’s Hint 2 – Red Hot Boudoir

Thinking my body has to be perfect or my photos will turn out horrible. FALSE! All shapes and sizes are sexy – confidence plays a big part. Love the body your in, and if there are areas of concern – let me know before hand – I’m an expert at lighting and can help in …

C’s Boudoir Session

C was totally ready with all her outfits and accessories, We spent several hours on her boudoir photography with all her outfit changes while playing music and having a great time. She looked amazing and was a great person to get to know.  Boudoir Photography by Red Hot Boudoir.  

Austin Boudoir Photographer, Anna Munoz

Picking Lingerie YOU Feel Comfortable In – It’s Hard to Pull off Sexy If You Don’t Feel Comfortable

Choosing lingerie isn’t easy if you’re the least bit self-conscious—and who isn’t? After all, when you’re wearing a teddy or a baby doll, there’s not much left but you in all your glory. If you’re feeling glorious, either because you’re madly in love or you’ve just completed an astonishing diet program, you can probably put …