Smashing Boudoir Photography Hint 3

  Planning- grab your favorites- and try them on before you session, make a point to bring heels and accessories- they can really add drama and sophistication to your session if you are looking for extravagance. both long a short necklaces or accessories of choice will give your images some bling. Going for more of …

Interesting Article on Male Health!

L-Carnitine is a non-essential amino acid that is often used for its weight loss properties — but the benefits do not end there. Penis sensitivity, skin health, libido and sexual satisfaction are all improved by this penis-specific nutrient. L-Carnitine is an amino acid involved with a huge array of processes in the human body, and may …

Smashing Boudoir Photo’s Hint 2 – Red Hot Boudoir

Thinking my body has to be perfect or my photos will turn out horrible. FALSE! All shapes and sizes are sexy – confidence plays a big part. Love the body your in, and if there are areas of concern – let me know before hand – I’m an expert at lighting and can help in …

P’s Boudoir Photography- Austin

P came ready to have fun and mix it up- we went from glamour girl to western to sporty! She had her hair and makeup done for the boudoir photography shoot by Jessi and we turned up the tunes and had a blast.  Being the bombshell that she naturally is, she worked it for the camera, here are some samples from her sexy photo shoot in Austin, TX.

C’s Boudoir Session

C was totally ready with all her outfits and accessories, We spent several hours on her boudoir photography with all her outfit changes while playing music and having a great time. She looked amazing and was a great person to get to know.  Boudoir Photography by Red Hot Boudoir.