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Smashing Boudoir Photo’s Hint 1 – Red Hot Boudoir

The first hint. I’ll post weekly. Hydrate! Drink plenty of water night before to be sure your face and skin is hydrated, this will reduce puffiness and lines on the body – especially good if you are considering nudes! Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your skin supple and allows it to bounce back more easily and …

P’s Boudoir Photography- Austin

P came ready to have fun and mix it up- we went from glamour girl to western to sporty! She had her hair and makeup done for the boudoir photography shoot by Jessi and we turned up the tunes and had a blast.  Being the bombshell that she naturally is, she worked it for the camera, here are some samples from her sexy photo shoot in Austin, TX.

S’s Mysterious Sexy Boudoir Photography – Austin

I mean this boudoir photography session was cinematic. Mysterious and sultry with lots of shadows. Her fiance is going to LOVE this! There are some really lucky guys in Austin, I’ve been photographing several bride to be’s that are coming in for one of a kind gifts. This is the ultimate! She knew came in …