Boudoir Gallery

Natural bright and Dramatic Sultry lighting.

Soft natural boudoir portraits, window lighting There will be highlights and shadows but the fall-off will be more gradual. These kind of images are stunning for girly, fun and smiley portraits.   The soft side of a woman.  You can cover up as much as you like – shirts, jumpers, cardies and scarves. Also great for bridal boudoir. Lace, toile, light colors etc. This is where you get that creamy smooth light that looks so delicious.

As much as I like natural light, I also love playing with the studio strobes on the body. These images are sexy, sensuous and strong – they celebrate the incredible beauty of the female form.  I use light to shape and enhance – these images are very flattering for your body and much less ‘to camera’. The dark & sultry images explore the more secret side of a woman – the one you don’t share with many others.  These are the images that will surprise you the mos

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