Natural and Sultry, I hope you find the boudoir galley helpful and inspiring for your boudoir session. For Soft natural portraits, window lighting provides soft highlights and shadows that are more gradual and provides more of a girl next door, lots of whites with a more ethereal vibe. These kind of images are stunning for bridal boudoir, or for a natural airy look.  The soft side of a woman.  You can cover up as much as you like – shirts, jumpers, jewelry, sheer fabrics and scarves with lace, toile, light colors etc. I have a wonderful bedroom with lots of natural window light and a queen bed with white linens and other colors of satin sheets and some props to utilize as well as an old telephone that is fun. I also can provide a few jewelry pieces, angles halo, and other fun props. There is also a vintage vanity with a mirror. This is where you get that creamy smooth light that looks so delicious.

As much as I like natural light, I also love playing with the studio strobes on the body. The boudoir gallery below features many samples. I normally shoot these in the studio. Have different paper roll colors, a faux fur coat, use black backdrops fro drama and have a variety of lights to create moody images. These images are sexy, sensuous and strong – they celebrate the incredible beauty of the female form. I use light to shape and enhance – these images are very flattering for your body. The dark & sultry images explore the more secret side of a woman – the one you don’t share with many others.  These are the images that will surprise you. I fell involve with photographing the body while in taking life drawing in college, and thought me to see volume with light and shadows creating drama with different lighting situations. I brought this into my photography and love love love that you can create so many different moods, softness and strength with imagery.