6 ways to get in the mood

red hot boudoir austin
red hot boudoir austin

Great article – link posted at end of post. Here’s some ways to not only address what may be hindering play time but also ways to get things in motion!

1- Spice it up! think different space, time, days.

2- Take a Romance Break-Instead of waiting until just before you put out the lights, take a break for a romantic encounter beforethe evening’s chores. “Make space and time where you can escape and get creative,” Allison says. Even if that time is in your house (or car, or backyard). “Look, it isn’t going to happen spontaneously,” Allison says.

3- Rediscover each other! -Steinorth says. “Schedule in time each week for date night. Not the old dinner and a movie thing, which seems like it’s supposed to be a lead-in to sex, but a shared experience: biking, bowling, something silly.¬†Once you’re reconnected in this way, a quick sexual encounter may regain its excitement.

4- Focus on what you LOVE about your body!¬†“Ultimately, low self-image comes down to not being in love with yourself, and if you don’t love yourself, you’re not going to share yourself with someone else,” Allison says. “Short of therapy for poor self-esteem, you can try finding things about yourself that you do like, and focus on those sexually.”

5- Communicate any changes or reach for some help. As we age our bodies change, letting your partner know can make for fun outings in search of products to help! If pain lasts – consult your dr.

6- Find your trigger- what’s keeping you from enjoying your partner? its a good habit to check in with yourself regularly so you can identify any health or behavioral changes in your life.



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