Smashing Boudoir Photo’s Hint 2 – Red Hot Boudoir

Thinking my body has to be perfect or my photos will turn out horrible. FALSE!

All shapes and sizes are sexy – confidence plays a big part.

Love the body your in, and if there are areas of concern – let me know before hand – I’m an expert at lighting and can help in concealing!

Knowing your body shape is a perfect start for choosing lingerie that flatters 🙂 Remember all your ordered photos come with retouch!

Here’s some hints for different body shapes:

Apples:  you look hot in stretchy waistband that helps reign in the tummy

Full figured cup sizes: grab supportive cups and something with lace adds femininity

Straight bodies: vintage styles add shapes think g strings, boy cut briefs and high cut. think add color  padding for curves

Big Booty: shear full cut panties conceal and reveal all the goodness you have to offer: high cut briefs, boy cut & bikini

Swimmers/athletic: choose padded bras and lacey or see through thongs to show off your work

back bulge: select extra wide bra straps so help smooth.

Don’t forget about corsets, garters, body shapewear and accessories to make your session more personal with your specific likes in mind!

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