Smashing Boudoir Photo’s Hint 1 – Red Hot Boudoir

The first hint. I’ll post weekly. Hydrate!

Drink plenty of water night before to be sure your face and skin is hydrated, this will reduce puffiness and lines on the body – especially good if you are considering nudes! Keeping yourself hydrated keeps your skin supple and allows it to bounce back more easily and hold indentions less. In the same manner- I recommend little or no caffeine the morning of your shoot- try a nice glass of water with lemon juice or cucumber.  If your eyes are tired think natural tears to help clear them for your photo session.  To make it even better- slather on the lotion after a cool shower! Plus the cool water rinse will make your hair shine. – Interested in booking a session? Give me a call 512.699.2923 or send an email to Centrally located in Austin- and YES I Do TRAVEL!Boudoir Nude, Red Hot Boudoir

Boudoir Nude, Red Hot Boudoir