How to create a positive and erotic environment in your bedroom to show off your new boudoir photos!

I found this article and thought it had some fun ideas for the bedroom. You can view the article here: FENG SHUI TIPS FOR CHARGING YOUR BEDROOM WITH EROTICALLY POSITIVE ENERGY

Here’s some of the tips from the website- enjoy!

  • For an erotic bedroom incorporate the fire element by using candles and oil lamps.
  • The bedroom should be in shades of red, pink, and garnet.
  • Place a red object on the female night stand to increase eroticism in the female partner.
  • place a tiny jar of copper scraps or something made of copper on the male’s night stand. Copper represents the male essence and enhances eroticism to its fullness.
  • To preserve sexual receptivity place a ruby or garnet on or hanging over the night stand. These stones are very energizing and powerful in attracting the opposite sex.
  • Avoid having too many photos of friends or family members. The bedroom is a private place, the children and in laws should not be involved.
  • Open your curtains and let sunlight into your room during the day. Let sunlight charge your bed with positive energy.

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