Red Hot Boudoir Photography

Red Hot Boudoir Photography. Midtown Austin Studio. 2 rooms, the studio with color papers and a bedroom, and I also photograph on location.

There are Options!


First, testing the waters? Select the Tease packaged by Red Hot Boudoir- it is all ala cart you just pay for the time and choose as many digitals or products on your own. In addition, Red Hot has a 10 digitals package that come fully retouched print ready. Want a presentation piece? Red Hot Boudoir offers a 20 image fully retouched photography album with leather cover options, and you always select your favorite poses from you private website for proofing, its password protected.

Next, want something at your place or want to meet up a hotel? I bring lighting to you and with any session i offer tons of posing options and know what flatters any body. Be sure to check out the Gallery for samples, you can find samples of nudes. I also shoot Couples sessions. These sessions are lots of fun and can really help boost self confidence.

Boudoir photo BOOKS make great gifts!

Equally important, Bridal boudoir is such a sweet gift for your new partner. Valentines or anniversaries are poplars well. Many clients come in just for the gift to give themselves. I have photographed ages from 20’s to 60’s and all body types, and they are all sexy and beautiful. Boudoir photography showcases your gorgeous sexy self! In addition, this is a fun time to think of wigs, costumes, etc. and have fun with it- it’s fantasy time!

Finally a bit about the studio, a private home studio in Brentwood area, female staff only. I have several satin sheet colors, a queen bed in an off white room with beautiful windows, and the light in there is soft and fantastic. Furthermore, the bedroom is perfect for soft natural light photography, and there is also a vintage vanity with a mirror in the bedroom for more posing options. The studio is bare with concrete floors, and I have several color papers, and a small loveseat. This is great for dramatic lighting, my specialty for sexy sultry images. Here we can also add the element of water or powders, glitter etc.